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Send a Parcel to China

Country Price
1 kg Parcel to China from £26.78* Quote & Book
5 kg Parcel to China from £39.01* Quote & Book
15 kg Parcel to China from £71.21* Quote & Book
20 kg Parcel to China from £87.31* Quote & Book
*VAT and surcharges may apply.

Are you ready to take advantage of an economical parcel courier service to the Far East?

Due to the volume of parcels, documents and freight we send to China, we can secure the best rates from the top global courier companies – including DHL, UPS and TNT – with the most extensive networks (for instance, DHL has almost 50 service centres in China and eight major hubs).

Considering China is the world’s most populous country, it’s perhaps unsurprising to learn it also has the biggest export economy on the planet, with estimated exports of almost $2 billion in 2011.

In addition to these astronomical export figures, China's import economy is also booming. It’s the second biggest importer in the world, meaning increased opportunity for British companies looking to export to China.

Enjoy Excellent Customer Service

When booking your parcel delivery to China, you’ll benefit from our exemplary customer service, as well as our free and easy-to-use online tracking service, which allows you to trace your parcel on every step of its journey.

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Simply use our quote form to enter the weight and dimensions of your parcel to begin your journey with Transglobal Express today.

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Exporting to China

If you're thinking of expanding your business by exporting to China we have some great tips and information for you:

  • Know your markets
    China's astonishing economic growth over the past two decades represents excellent business opportunities for UK SMEs, but that doesn't mean it won't require effort, market research and the development of strong relationships in order to be successful there. The Chinese market has huge potential, but it's not the place to make a fast buck: get to know your market, show you are there for the long-term rather than quick-wins, and do your research to find appropriate gaps in the market.
  • Reduce your costs
    As well as the manpower and time invested into researching your markets and developing relationships, the cost of shipping your items overseas will be an important factor in your business plan. Transglobal Express offers extremely reduced rates on delivery services to China. If delivery costs are a vital aspect of your business, it makes since to reduce them as much as possible, without having to compromise on quality. Transglobal Express have parcel delivery rates to China for less than £2.96 per kg, depending on how much you are sending.
  • Consider your marketing strategy
    With the UK being one of the most developed e-commerce economies in Europe, most British businesses are aware of the importance of on-line marketing and, specifically, the importance of appearing as high as possible on the first page of Google. Baidu, not Google, is the dominant search engine in China and Baidu requires different SEO strategies from those that work with Google. Do your research and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Sending documents to China

Do you have urgent correspondence to send to China? Our UPS Envelope services offer unrivalled rates for international document delivery. Prices start from £14.25 – that’s about a 50% reduction of the standard parcel rate! To use the service, you simply need to ensure that your documents can fit into a branded UPS Envelope and that they weigh no more than 1kg.

Since documents are not dutiable, and therefore not subject to customs clearance, you can also benefit from quicker transit times when shipping them internationally.

To get a quote for document delivery to China, simply enter the details of you consignment into the quote box. Don’t forget to select "documents" as the type of shipment!

China Customs Information

With the exception of documents, all shipments to China from the UK will require customs clearance. In order to ensure that your consignment clears customs as quickly as possible, it's important that your parcels are shipped with all of the appropriate documentation. When you book with Transglobal Express, all of the shipping documentation you'll need is produced for you automatically during the booking process. What's more, our customer services team are friendly, efficient, and easy to contact via telephone or email, meaning we can resolve issues quickly for you if they occur.

Transit Times to China

Depending on where exactly you are shipping to in China, transit times for documents can be as little as two days. Beijing and Shanghai are well served by our carriers, and exclusive of any unforeseen customs clearance time, you can expect your parcels to arrive in these major gateway cities in 2-6 days. As a general guide, parcels to Chengdu and Guangzhou will be in transit for roughly a week, and unsurprisingly, more remote areas may take slightly longer to reach. You can get a more accurate estimate of your transit time by entering your collection and delivery postcode into one of the Calculate Transit Time tools on our transit times page.

Importing from China

Many goods and products bearing the ubiquitous “made in China” stamp are cheaper than those manufactured in the UK or EU. There’s therefore a huge potential economic benefit of importing from China. Naturally, this must be weighed against the transportation costs of your goods, the time and effort expending in establishing suppliers and business relationships in China and the slightly more complex import process with which you need to familiarise yourself when sourcing goods outside of the European Union.

outside of the European Union. The good news is, importing is a lot simpler than you may expect, and if you are thinking of following in the footsteps of many UK SMEs and importing from China, your business could benefit greatly from not only reduced manufacturing costs but reduced delivery costs as well.

At Transglobal Express, we offer significantly reduced door-to-door import services from China, delivered by global couriers such as DHL and TNT. Simply enter the weight and dimensions of the goods you want to import to get a quote. Don’t forget to state that it’s an import service you’re interested in!

Most of our advice on Exporting to China is equally applicable to importing from the country. The importance of establishing good business relationships cannot be overstated. Remember, you have less control over imports than exports because you are dependent upon your collection point to ensure that collection runs smoothly and your consignment can start making its way to you. When you book an import service via Transglobal Express, you can select a collection day yourself, but it’s a good idea to liaise with your collection point to check they will be available. Your collection point will also receive all of the delivery documentation, as it will be him or her who will need to attach the shipping labels to your consignment. Make sure you keep communications channels with your collection point open to ensure that they do this on time.

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