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Introducing our NEW booking process...

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    Get your quote

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    Choose your service

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    Submit address details

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    Submit consignment details

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    Add another order?

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    Proceed to checkout?

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    Arrange your collections

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    Book your insurance

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Introducing our new booking process

We've changed our booking process for courier services – but don’t worry, it’s now easier than ever. With our new shopping basket, you can book multiple shipments in one go.

Submitting your details

The first part of the process is the same as before:

  • 1. Get your quote
  • 2. Choose your service
  • 3. Submit your address and consignment details

For this stage, you will need the weight and dimension of your parcels (packaged and sealed), sender and consignee contact details, and descriptions of your parcel contents.

You will also need your company VAT and EORI numbers if applicable, as well as Commodity Codes for each item for commercial shipments outside of the EU.

So what's different?

Once you have submitted your consignment details, you will be taken to an Order Overview page with a summary of your order. At this point, you can either go back and edit your order, proceed to checkout, or add another order.

Do you want to add another order or proceed to checkout?

If you choose to add another order, your current order will be added to your basket, awaiting checkout. You can review or delete items from your basket at any time, or return to them later—orders will be retained in your basket for up to 30 days.

Your basket
This will show in the top-right corner of the page.

When you're ready to check out, you can go to your basket or select Proceed to checkout on your final order. Choose the items in your basket for which you would like to complete your booking.

Choose which orders you want to checkout

How do I arrange collections and drop-offs?

Collections, drop-offs and insurance are now arranged for all orders in one go.

We'll group your orders into as few collections or drop-offs as possible. Choose your collection date and time or pick your drop-off point for each one.

Organise your collections

Choose the orders you would like to include in each collection by toggling the switches. Then click to confirm.

Deselected orders will be separated into a new collection group. If you change your mind, just click the red arrow to add the order back to the previous collection.

Revert to previous collection

You can also click to edit the dates and times of approved collections.

Edit collection dates and times

Once you're happy with all of your collection options, click Confirm & Proceed.

Confirm and proceed

Booking insurance

Next you will be taken to the insurance page. Click Continue with standard cover to proceed with free cover for a value of up to £50 per consignment.

Continue with free cover

Alternatively, for consignments valued above £50, enter the value you would like to insure for each consignment, and then click Calculate insurance. Then click Add insurance and continue.

Add insurance values

Add insurance and continue

Finally, you will be taken to the payment confirmation page. This operates the same as before, but now you only have to do it once!

You can view an order overview by clicking on Details.

Confirm and pay

 When you're ready to book, click Place Order:

Place your order


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