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KFC will no longer be using DHL for its 350 restaurants in the north of the UK, after logistical issues led to chicken shortages and the closure of over 600 restaurants nationwide.

The fast food company will be renewing its contract with Bidvest, the distributor it used previously, while DHL and QSL will continue to serve restaurants in the south.

Colonel Sanders tried to keep smiling through it all

Problems arose when DHL decided to use a single depot in Rugby for KFC deliveries, in contrast to Bidvest who used several around the country. A crash on the M6 motorway, in the early hours of Valentine’s Day, caused nearby roads to close. This led to DHL lorries getting stuck in traffic.

There was reportedly a lack of contingency plans for the new setup, possibly because the handover process was still underway and systems were not yet fully set up. This was particularly a problem for the transportation KFC’s perishable goods, leading to the disposal, waste and prolonged shortage of KFC supplies.

While operations have almost been restored, some KFC restaurants are still offering limited menus, and the plot recently thickened with a gravy shortage.

In addition to its new Bidvest contract, KFC will be using warehousing startup Stowga for a backup warehouse in Bristol, which it can use for non-perishable goods.

(Source: Wired)

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