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DHL Deutsche Post is closing its online marketplace, Allyouneed.com, which was previously known as MeinPaket.de.

Allyouneed was an e-commerce platform with over 3,000 merchants, mainly based in Germany. Deliveries were fulfilled by DHL courier services.

“During the last eight years, we’ve achieved a lot with Allyouneed and we’ve done good business together,” DHL spokesperson Dirk Klasen wrote to sellers. “However, the experience of recent years has also shown us that we don’t necessarily have to be the operator of an online marketplace like Allyouneed.com to have success.”

DHL refocuses its ecommerce operations

According to Klasen, the marketplace has served its purpose of helping the company to develop industry knowledge that will inform its core logistics business.

“From the very beginning, our primary goal was to internally build up our ecommerce expertise in a sector-specific manner and to use this know-how in our logistical core business, because our core competence is and remains logistics,” said Klasen. “With the marketplace model, we have gathered valuable ecommerce expertise.”

Online retail shipments continue to grow rapidly, overtaking business deliveries in some areas. DHL is by no means moving away from e-commerce: earlier this year, the company launched a new IT platform for e-commerce fulfilment in the UK, Americas and South East Asia, as well as pushing its e-commerce services for business through its “Where Everything Clicks” marketing campaign.

(Source: Ecommerce News, Tamebay)

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