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DHL has expanded its medical express service between the US and Mexico.

With its DHL Worldwide Medical Express (WMX) service, the company manages the export and regulatory requirements for urgent shipments, as well as attending to specific temperature needs, between major Mexico cities and the US.

DHL has improved its network in Mexico through its clinical trial platform, including a specialised customer service centre for its medical express services with bilingual customer service agents. Customers can use an online interface, the Express Logistics Plaform (ELP), for booking and ordering supplies.

DHL expands medical express delivery service

The WMX service was originally launched in Colombia in 2014. It’s since expanded throughout Latin America, to Argentina, Chile, Panama and more. DHL is the first company to launch such a specialised service, geared towards the clinical research sector, in the South American continent, able to utilise its existing transportation network.

“Given the complexity of export processes and Ministry of Health approvals in Mexico and several other Latin American countries, having an integrated system enables DHL to begin the export approval process ahead of samples arriving at our facilities,” said Brian Bralynski, sector head of life sciences at DHL Americas.

“This enables DHL to extend later collection times to investigator sites, allowing more time to schedule patient visits and still export the day of collection.”

(Source: Global Trade)

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