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DHL Supply Chain has teamed up with software company Blue Yonder to create a “plug and play” robotics platform, built in Microsoft Azure.

The platform is intended to speed up the time and programming efforts it takes to integrate new robotic devices at warehouse facilities.

DHL's clients utilise various warehouse management systems, and it can become costly and time-consuming to connect everything up.

Markus Voss, global chief information office and COO at DHL Supply Chain, said: “Our first implementation on the new platform with 6 River Systems at one of our Madrid sites is already showing a 60% reduction in integration times, but with subsequent deployments we foresee further improvements of up t o 90%.”

According to DHL, warehouse robots take over the more monotonous and strenuous warehouse jobs in order to leave the “more attractive and interesting tasks” to the human workforce.

Source: Logistics Manager

Header image: blickpixel

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