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The European Union is partly funding an investigation into the creation of a rail and cargo services link at Liège Airport in Belgium through its Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency or TEN-T as it is more commonly known.


The new railport will give the seamless movement of freight between rail, road and air according to TEN-T. The railport will be constructed by Liège CAREX and will be part of a future European express rail freight network.

Liège CAREX is part of Euro CAREX which includes Lyon, Paris, London and Amsterdam. It aims to improve intermodal transport and to easily enable the shifting of freight from air and road to rail mode.

TEN-T say trains will travel on high speed lines and offer 'a viable alternative to the short-distance intra-European flights and to express road freight.'

The study will be managed by TEN-T and is set to be completed by November 2014.

With Heathrow airport alone saw approximately 1.5 tonnes of freight pass through in 2011 which highlights the high demand for this £1.88 million freight hub.

TEN-T are also involved in the building of a state of the art multimodal container terminal at the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands which will aim to have the highest modal shift ratio for a container terminal in the whole of Europe. The new port is also set to be highly efficient in processing large volumes of freight between all modes of transport whether it be rail, road or sea.

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