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  • Over 2,000 respondents provided both qualitative and quantitative feedback
  • Transglobal highly praised for prices and responsive customer care
  • Customer feedback to be used to prioritise future web improvements

As part of its continued commitment to seeking and responding to customer feedback, worldwide courier and air and sea freight forwarder Transglobal Express recently invited all customers to take part in a customer survey. The results showed a very high level of satisfaction with Transglobal’s customer care and will also be used to inform future web development strategy.

Excellent customer service

The first question of the survey asked customers to identify their main reason for using Transglobal Express for their UK and international parcel delivery. While the majority of respondents - 65% - selected Transglobal’s low prices and a further 20% identified ease of booking as their main reason for shipping with the company, 8% selected Customer Service, and 7% chose “Other”. Of that 7%, many customers said they chose Transglobal for “all of the above” and textual analysis of the free text boxes showed “excellent customer service”, “reliable”, “efficient” and “friendly” as some of the most commonly occurring comments.

Des Butler, Transglobal’s Senior Business Analyst, said that the quantitative data is most telling: “It’s no surprise that price came out top as the reason for using our services. Not only are our prices extremely competitive, in any case, cost is of primary importance for most shippers. The fact that so many customers took the opportunity to specifically mention customer service as an additional factor in returning to Transglobal is very telling for us, and a heartening endorsement of what we already knew – Transglobal Express is a customer focused organisation that is dedicated to providing excellent customer service at all times.

Similarly, analysis of the free text boxes for the final survey question, which asked customers for any additional comments, revealed “great service”, “pleased with the service” and “impressed with your service” to occur most often. Transglobal Express has taken a number measures recently to ensure that its customer service remains responsive, efficient and uniquely easy to contact – the company is one of very few in the market not only to provide extensive telephone support but also to take bookings over the telephone. It recently extended its customer service opening hours, enabling customers to be supported from 8:00am every weekday and every Saturday morning and its customer services team experienced steady expansion throughout 2013 to ensure these improvements were fully supported. Customer Services Manager Terri McGarry, was very pleased with the survey outcome but also stressed that this did not mean that the customer care team were about to rest on their laurels: “It’s all about continuous improvement of the customer experience, and we’re always seeking ways to bring this about. This is why the survey asked for customers’ opinions on a potential range of new features as well as giving them the opportunity to provide feedback on what we currently offer."

New customer tools

One of the customer survey questions invited participants to give their opinions on how useful they would find a number of proposed new features including a loyalty scheme, mobile app and the option to purchase packaging materials and other shipping accessories via Transglobal’s website. The idea of a customer loyalty scheme proved by far the most popular, with over 76% of survey respondents saying they would find this useful or they might find it useful. This has therefore been prioritised and Transglobal’s web developers are working on introducing this feature. Customer feedback will also play an important role in the prioritisation of other new features.

Continued customer engagement

 The valuable customer insight gleaned from the survey has meant that Transglobal intends to collected formalised customer feedback more regularly. McGarry explained: "our communication with customers has always been a two way process. As well as responding to enquiries and assisting with any issues, we also listen to customers' suggestions and take these on board to inform the future direction of our services. Integration of a more regular customer survey into our customer communications will complement the informal means by which we do this."


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Transglobal Express is one of the UK’s leading international courier and freight forwarding providers. Since its incorporation in 1993, the company has gained an excellent reputation for its high quality air freight, sea freight and worldwide courier services.
In 2005, Transglobal Express moved its premises from Birkenhead to a purpose built office and warehouse facility based in the Wirral International Business Park, enabling the company to control and manage cent its International Courier, Air Freight and Sea Freight shipping services.

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