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Shipyard De Hoop has recently secured a contract for the design and build of a new vessel for Awaritse Nigeria Limited (ANL). The new vessel will be 68.23 metres by 15.77 metres in size, with its purpose to function in the Royal Dutch Shell and Chevron offshore oil fields near Nigeria. As a Service/Support vessel, the ship will be used for the transportation of Transmix liquids, a result of oil-production and oil-transport through pipe lines.

With delivery expected within the last quarter of the year, customisation of the new vessel has been implemented to be as simple as possible. Shipyard De Hoop has expressed that their “keeping it simple, stupid” mantra, otherwise known as KISS, is their secret behind the logical, straight forward design. By keeping the concept simple, the company are also able to cut back on overall costs.

ANL has chosen a design for the vessel which will see it being fuelled by a diesel-electric concept. This is with the intention to achieve enhanced flexibility and economical advantage. The new vessel is set to have generators located on its main deck for the allowance of larger cargo volumes and easier access for maintenance purposes. It will also accommodate for a total of 30 persons, as well as having a cargo tank capacity of 800 cubic metres, allowing for 500 square metres of deck mounted cargo.

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