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COSCO Corporation Limited, a Singapore based company, has recently reported securing contracts valued at approximately 300 million USD to build one accommodation barge and seven bulk carriers. COSCO Shipyard Co. Ltd has received requests for orders from an unknown European company to build the accommodation barge which is scheduled for delivery in late 2016.

The shipyard has also received requests for orders from an unidentified Asian company to build two bulk carriers, also due for delivery in 2016. Another Asian company has asked COSCO to build two bulk carriers, scheduled for delivery in 2015 and 2016 respectively, with a European company also requesting the building of two further bulk carriers.

The recent rush of orders for the company accompanies its busy schedule in its secured contract with Girolando Express for the delivery of a 4500m2 Livestock Carrier. This is in addition to the status report issued on Octabuoy hull and the topside module building project.

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