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Transglobal Express is pleased to announce it has been given the opportunity to showcase its business through a short film, courtesy of The Telegraph newspaper. The film is currently featured within the Business Club section of The Telegraph's website, with The Telegraph promoting Transglobal as a company and its services.

A film crew recently visited the company’s Wirral based office to obtain footage of the business in action, including conducting interviews with members of its staff. The crew even ventured outside of the Transglobal office, carrying out interviews with customers who currently use the company's services on a frequent and regular basis. The film takes us back to how the business originally started, as well as demonstrating how it has evolved into what it is today; a dynamic and highly successful company.

This fantastic opportunity has enabled Transglobal Express to provide an insight into the background of its success, highlighting that its long standing position in the freight and logistics industry has enabled the company to utilise its experience and expertise to meet its customers expectations.

You can watch the video here:

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