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  • The point of any business is to maximise its profits. By choosing an intermediary company rather than going to the courier company direct, you can often take advantage of discounted rates due to the volume of shipments they deal with. Intermediary companies offer you flexibility over shipment methods and your choice of courier company. This way you can be sure to receive the best possible prices without compromising on the quality of service.
  • When choosing a courier company, you will need to know the exact destination address in order to receive an accurate quotation. The location of your collection and delivery address may affect your quotation as there is a significant difference between sending a shipment for delivery to a populated city in relation to more rural areas. Most courier companies apply a 'Remote Area Surcharge' if either collection or delivery address is considered to be in a remote, or out-of-the-way location.
  • If you are operating an online business, there may be an opportunity to link to you e-commerce system. This will reduce the amount of time spent booking delivery services and having everything automated will help your business to run more efficiently. Some business courier companies offer volume-based discount thresholds which could also be another advantage of sticking to one courier supplier.
  • When researching courier companies, be sure to check all terms and conditions and advertised transit times for confirmation of what service you can expect to receive. Although they are advertising an 'express' or 'rapid' delivery service, it does not necessarily mean that your parcel will get delivered to its destination any quicker.
  • More and more business are trading internationally so it is important that you find a courier who is specialised in providing a worldwide courier service whilst remaining competitive. Courier companies don't all offer the same services and certain couriers may specialise in delivering to specific destinations so be prepared to shop around. Don't forget to allow for a difference in time zones if you are sending a parcel to USA or any other international destination. Plan your shipment as far in advance as possible and try to allow as much time for delivery as possible.
  • Always try to research the level of standard liability cover offered by a courier company. Find out what their maximum payout will be if they lose or deliver your goods damaged. You will need to decide whether the level of cover offered is acceptable based on the value of your goods, and you may need to consider taking out additional insurance cover if your goods are of a higher value.
  • Different couriers and different courier services have different shipment size and weight restrictions. This can vary depending on your shipments method of transport. If you are sending a particularly large item you will need to check the carrier service size and weight restrictions - this may restrict which services are available to you.
  • Take advantage of the additional tools offered to you by business couriers. Track your parcel online and at your own convenience as it is transported to its final destination.
  • The overall cost of sending your parcel is undoubtedly a significant factor when researching courier companies, but it should never be the only deciding factor. Smaller companies may not have the buying power to offer the lowest rates but may provide more of a personal service, and a larger company may offer shorter parcel delivery timescales but may be more expensive. Research a variety of courier companies and make a note of their USP's, try to find the balance between the level of customer service they offer and the prices they charge.
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