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Known for its ability to provide a reliable feature from which customers are given a 30 minute delivery window of when to expect their parcel deliveries, DPD Germany has recently announced it will now be able to advise recipients if their delivery time window cannot be successfully met. Due to exceptional circumstances, such as traffic, vehicle breakdowns or severe weather conditions, such as ice or snow, DPD Germany will now be sending out email and text notifications to its customers.

As of July, DPD within Germany has used its Predict service. The feature takes into account individual parcel volumes each day. Updates are continuously made to keep the feature precise and accurate. The newer features will see push messages being sent via email or text message to eliminate disappointment for those expecting a shipment.

Michael Knaupe, Director of Domestic Products and Services at DPD, has said: “With DPD consignees always know when their parcel will arrive. However, wintery conditions often lead to traffic jams caused by accidents and traffic chaos. In these situations, DPD makes sure that there is an efficient flow of information and proactively notifies consignees in the event of delays.” Knaupe added: “At the same time, DPD of course works with commitment every day on ensuring that such messages remain the absolute exception.”

The Director continued to speak of DPD’s relationship with its customers: “Since the launch of our Predict service, we have listened carefully to our customers and consignees. Suggestions for improvements are of course just as welcome to us as praise, because they enable us to develop the service further and expand our innovation leadership in the field of flexible deliveries.”

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