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DHL Parcel has recently teamed up with Deutsche Annington to offer those living in apartment buildings an innovative and alternative solution to receiving their parcel deliveries.

At the beginning of April, DHL began to install delivery boxes within apartment buildings and complexes which are to be managed by Germany’s largest housing company, Deutsche Annington. Selected locations in Berlin and Dortmund will be the first to experience the new parcel boxes, with additional boxes to be installed elsewhere at a later date.

The DHL parcel box will allow residents of apartments to receive their parcel at any time, regardless of whether they are at home or not at the time of delivery. The safely locked box will ensure the parcels remain protected against theft. This innovative invention eliminates a customers need to visit their local post office to collect a missed parcel. Customers can not only receive parcels using the new parcel box, but they can also organise the return of a parcel from the box as well.

Konstantina Kanellopoulos, Head of Product Management at Deutsche Annington, has said: “When our renters come home their parcels will be there waiting for them. We pride ourselves on the service we provide our renters, and we want to continue providing these kinds of extra services into the future.”

Andrej Busch, CEO of DHL Parcel Germany and DHL Parcel Europe, also commented: “As the innovation leader in the German parcel market we have successfully established a number of innovative solutions over the last several years. Whether we delivery to the Packstation, the parcel box or the doorstep, our goal is to respond to our customers’ needs and make receiving parcel as simple and convenient as possible.”

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