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Support AquAid UK

At Transglobal Express, we understand the importance of keeping our employees hydrated throughout the working day. We use AquAid’s water dispensers to help keep our members of staff energised to work at their very best all day.

With the help of AquAid our company is able to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Every purchase we make through them equals one donation to the Africa Trust. The donated funds are used to help build ‘Elephant Pumps’ - these are a modified version of a rope pulley system which is installed in Africa to provide a much needed clean, fresh water supply for those who need it most. We have our own pump currently being installed on our behalf, on which Transglobal’s name will be proudly displayed.

AquAid has built over 5,000 Elephant Pumps throughout Zimbabwe and Malawi and have donated over £10 million to charity. We are extremely proud to be involved in such a fantastic, worthy cause.

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