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UPS has begun to use a new system of delivery using its Access Point programme, leaving parcels at nearby drop-off points if a first delivery is not successful. This is instead of attempting second and third deliveries.

In July, UPS announced it would be introducing Access Points to 2,400 new locations in a hundred cities across the USA. The Access Point system allows customers to pick up their packages at local convenience stores, grocery stores, and other commercial drop-off points in their neighbourhood.

UPS is using the Access Points in lieu of multiple deliveries as a way of cutting costs, particularly in areas with a high rate of failed deliveries. Instead of making three attempts and then returning to sender as was previously done, they will now make just the one attempt before delivering to a local store.

The ideal for UPS would be customers opting to forgo home delivery entirely, in favour of using the Access Points. According to their own survey, the company has had a mostly favourable response from customers.

(Source: Internet Retailer)

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