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Eddy Chan, senior vice-president of FedEx Express and head of the company’s China operation, has outlined how FedEx plans to evolve in China despite the economic slowdown.

Chan says that the company is embracing “micro-national” companies, small start-ups which, in the age of the internet, are able to pursue customers globally while moving much faster than established industry behemoths, by producing new products and responding to customer needs more rapidly.

While noting their advantages, Chan points out that a big company like FedEx still has the experience and expertise that these companies often lack. He says that FedEx can benefit from these innovations with a flexible international network that allows them to keep up with a changing marketplace.

FedEx’s Asia Pacific hub is located in Guangzhou, where it moved in 2009 from the Philippines, allowing FedEx to cut down on delivery times to all major city hubs in the Asia Pacific region.

(Source: China Daily)

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