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The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has urged the use of click and collect centres as a way of helping to curb London’s congestion problems.

Home deliveries are causing congestion, according to Johnson, because there are so many delivery vehicles now on the streets of London during the day. He warned that delays could rise 60% over the next 15 years in London’s most central areas, unless there are improvements made to the road network.

Putting more click and collect centres in neighbourhoods—designated places where people are able to pick up their parcels—would help to make delivery distribution more structured, logical and efficient, especially during peak hours.

Johnson also said that larger freight vehicles (LGVs and HGVs) could be used only to drop off at hubs, while environmentally friendly vehicles could be used to make the actual deliveries. Transport officials have estimated that the average delivery vehicle in London is only a third full.

(Source: Business Reporter)

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