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FedEx Express in Japan has deployed two new Nissan e-NV200 electric vans into its new Japanese delivery fleet. The fleet currently includes 397 hybrids, 404 electric vehicles, 40 hydrogen-fuelled vehicles, and 132 natural gas-fuelled vehicles.

FedEx Express Japan is aiming to reduce the fuel consumption of its fleet 30% by 2020, a goal they set in 2005. They already reached 29.5% in 2014, and they’ve said they will revisit their goal once achieved.

Masamichi Ujile, regional vice president in the North Pacific, has remarked on the recent signing of the COP21 Paris Agreement, observing that the signing is an indication of increasing awareness of environmental issues worldwide. The agreement aimed to establish an international framework for lowering global fossil fuel dependency.

(Source: EV Fleet World)

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