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UberRUSH, a courier service from Uber, has been cited by equity analysts and investors as another potential challenge for parcel delivery companies and as a potential rival to Amazon. UberRUSH functions similarly to Uber’s flagship service but connects customers with couriers rather than taxis.

Last month Uber announced the release of the UberRUSH API, a toolkit for developers that allows other companies to hook up to Uber’s services. Uber has already integrated with commerce apps such as Shopify, allowing small business owners to call up a vehicle for their goods.

It’s also working with larger businesses such as T-Mobile, Nordstrom, SAP and Google, the last of whom are making use of Uber’s API for their Google Express service.

UberRUSH has been trialled in several US cities and may soon be moving on to Europe. Analysts are predicting that UberRUSH could loosen the grip of big companies like Royal Mail and Deutsche Poste on the European and UK markets, in addition to the challenges these companies now face from Amazon.

(Source: Reuters, Alphr)

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