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FedEx has partnered with Red Rock Biofuels as part of its effort to obtain at least 30% of its jet fuel from sustainable sources by 2030.

The partnership will see the production of three million gallons of biofuel a year, created using waste wood biomass from forests and further blended to form approximately 48 million gallons of alternative fuel overall. This will be used by FedEx’s fleet of over 600 aircraft between 2017 and 2024.

Using waste wood biomass—initially from a sustainably managed 100,000-acre forest in Oregon—would also help to reduce the intensity of forest fires, therefore potentially helping farmers and communities around the world. Replication of the biofuel production process could also create local industries and jobs, according to FedEx chief executive Frederick Smith.

FedEx has acknowledged the need for the company to reduce its fuel consumption as a heavy user of fossil fuels.

A September 2015 New Climate Economy report stated that the world’s aviation and maritime sectors are responsible for 5% of global emissions—a number which is growing.

(Source: Edie.net)

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