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Earlier this month, FedEx announced a new arrangement with eBay whereby sellers can drop off items worth at least $25 at US FedEx stores. FedEx will then help with listing the items on eBay and shipping them to buyers.

The scheme is targeted at unwanted items that people are likely to have lying around their house, which might traditionally be sold at a yard sale. The scheme removes this need, or the need to meet with strangers as you would have to when using sites like Craigslist.

eBay and FedEx would share a joint commission of 20-40% per sale, but sellers would not have to pay anything up front.

The partnership is a development of eBay’s Valet program, which required sellers to ship their goods to eBay warehouses. By taking on these responsibilities, FedEx hopes to improve the packing volume of its delivery vehicles and bolster traffic to its FedEx Office stores.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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