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DHL has revealed plans for a “space freight” operation with new partner Astrobotic, a space technology firm.

For the moment all this means is that DHL will be providing Astrobotic with logistics services, delivering materials and customer payloads for the company’s lunar lander, Peregrine, which will eventually deliver these payloads to the moon’s surface.

However, DHL’s Arjan Sissing, a member of the marketing team, believes that the partnership will help to “open a new frontier in space, and to further [develop] lunar logistics in the future.”

Peregrine's deliveries are intended to be commercial in nature. It will have 30 to 265 kilogram payload capacity, giving customers flexbility.

Airbus Defence and Space is involved with engineering support, while Aerojet Rocketdyne and NASA are also collaborating.

(Source: Air Cargo News)

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