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DHL has issued two challenges to the genius innovators and visionaries of the world: the Fair and Responsible Challenge, focused on sustainable logistics, and the Robotics Challenge, looking at autonomous technology.

The Fair and Responsible Challenge is seeking logistical ideas that would facilitate a circular economy (that is, an economy without waste or pollution) or that would enable global logistics networks to provide fair trade and production.

The scope of this challenge is fairly broad, encompassing product ideas, service solutions and packaging concepts. The only requirement is that it’s in some way good for the environment, for society and for business.

The Robotics Challenge is specifically looking to develop a prototype for a self-driving delivery cart, which would accompany delivery staff for “last mile” delivery between hub and home. The idea is that deliverers would no longer have to push an ever-growing volume of parcels through the streets. As such, the prototypes will need to travel at walking speed.

Three finalists will be selected for each challenge, who will then be given the chance to present their ideas to supply chain professionals on DHL Innovation Day, 17th November.

The winner by vote will receive a monetary prize from a pool of €20,000. They will also get to exhibit their idea at the DHL Innovation Centers in Germany and Singapore, and to enter discussions with DHL to bring their ideas to life as a proof of concept.

These challenges are open to anyone over 18 years old. Applicants will need to submit a written document and explanatory video by 28th September 2016, through the DHL Innovation Challenge website.

(Source: Post & Parcel)

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