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Amazon is testing flying drones that could deliver parcels to customers’ front doors within half an hour of ordering.

The retailer is collaborating with the UK government, which wants to investigate some of the problems facing drone delivery, including the need for collision avoidance, how drones could be operated out of the pilot’s line of sight, and if it’s possible for one pilot to control and monitor multiple drones.

According to ministers, the public will need to be persuaded that drones are safe and will not invade their privacy. The project is intended to help create and clarify new rules and regulations for drone technology and operation.

Amazon is footing the bill for the programme, and picked the UK because its regulations are relatively lax compared to other countries.

One of the drone models it will be trialling can fly at up to 50mph, as high as 350ft, and up to 10 miles away from its base or control centre.

(Source: BBC News)

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