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UPS has struck a deal with Big Ox Energy to buy 10 million gallon equivalents of renewable gas (RNG) per year through to 2024. When used, it could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.

This follows an earlier five-year agreement with AMP energy company for 1.5 million gallon equivalents—but the Big Ox deal is by far the biggest investment UPS has made in this area.

UPS’ goal for sustainability is to get 40% of all of their ground transportation fleet using alternative energy sources by 2025.

“These agreements add significantly to our investment in the use of RNG and will help put us on track to nearly triple our annual use of RNG,” Mike Casteel, UPS director of fleet procurement, said in a press statement. “They are also a direct reflection of our ongoing commitment to help shape the renewable gas industry.”

In 2016, UPS used 61 million gallons of natural gas in its ground fleet, including renewables. The company is projected to use 14 million gallons of RNG by 2017.

(Source: CSRwire)

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