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UPS has started a trail of electric trailer delivery in London, ahead of the city’s ban on gas vehicles.

A delivery person will cycle on an e-bike between depot and door with a small trailer in tow. The e-bike is powered by the trailer and is “weight neutral”, meaning that the cyclist won't feel the weight of the cargo, which can be as heavy as 440lb or 200kg.

UPS has partnered with the Low Impact City Logistics project, run by development company Fernhay, to undertake the trial. Fernhay designed the trailer prototype at the University of Huddersfield.

Peter Harris, the Director of Sustainability for UPS Europe, said that the project "could revolutionize the way we deliver packages in our cities."

He added, "UPS has a long history of developing, deploying and promoting the use of more sustainable technology and delivery methods – and this collaboration will facilitate a one-of-a-kind urban delivery solution."

(Source: CleanTechnica)

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