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Airlines cut costs wherever they can to give you cheap flights—but as a result, almost everything becomes an ‘optional extra’ for which you end up paying a premium, and luggage is no exception.

On top of this, the limits imposed on luggage, whether or not you’re paying the additional fees, can be quite severe due to limited capacity in the cargo hold of passenger flights.

So what’s the alternative? Use a freight service or a courier service to deliver your excess baggage.

Send excess baggage with Transglobal Express

More choice of service

Get more flexibility with a greater number of options. Choose a door-to-door courier service and have your luggage delivered to the address of your choosing. Alternatively, choose an air freight service and pick your luggage up at the airport once you arrive.

Oversized luggage

With a freight service, you can easily send “oversized” luggage that exceeds the weight or dimensions imposed by the airlines.

Courier services that accept suitcases have a lower maximum weight limit, generally in the ballpark of 70kg. If your luggage weighs more than that, an air freight service is your best bet.

Avoid airline fees and use a freight service

Cheaper rates

Budget airlines will try to recoup the costs of cheap flights by hitting you hard with fees for absolutely anything beyond your claim to a standard seat.

Not only is sending with a freight service less restrictive all-round, but it is likely to work out much cheaper, with highly competitive rates for destinations around the world.

A few things to note

Not all courier companies will accept suitcases. However, with Transglobal Express you can quickly browse summaries of each service that will notify you if suitcases are prohibited.

Courier services are often the cheaper alternative

You will need to be aware of customs checks, which will apply to cargo sent via freight service just as they would to luggage checked in at the airport. Depending on the contents of your luggage, you may be subject to customs fees, so you should always check the rules for your destination country before sending.

Lastly, if you want to send your excess luggage via courier or freight service, you will need to use a hard, protective case—soft shell suitcases will not do the job.

Use Transglobal Express

With Transglobal Express, you can compare air freight and door-to-door courier services. If you have any questions, get in touch with us at 0345 145 1212, email sales@transglobalexpress.co.uk, or use our Live Chat. Our office hours are 8am-6.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am-1pm Saturday.

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