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Service Updates

Please see information below for latest service updates and disruptions worldwide.

Courier/parcel delivery updates

last updated: 24/4/2019

Philippines - Earthquake

A 6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred on 22nd April 2019. Pick-up and delivery service is affected in many areas.

Estonia - Temporary Tax and Customs Board Shutdown

Between 3rd-8th May 2019, there will be a temporary shutdown of the Estonian Tax and Customs Boards' (ETCB) IT systems for modernisation updates.

The e-tax/e-customs service will not be available during this time, nor can public enquiries be made using the system.

Please follow these substitute actions for customs procedures.

Germany - Service Change

UPS has adjusted its delivery times for all domestic, cross-border and international Express shipments to the below postcodes, due to the closure of the Muelheimer Bridge in Cologne for trucks - the courier now commits to delivery by 12pm:

50679 51061 51063 51065 51067
51069 51103 51105 51107 51109

Qatar - Lithium Batteries

Due to ongoing problems and strict requirements for the uplift of lithium batteries and Excepted Quantities shipments on Qatar Airways, with no feasible alternative, service to Qatar for these commodities has been suspended from 7th March 2019 until further notice.

Shipments containing lithium ion batteries or Excepted Quantities will be returned to the shipper.

India - Service Issues

Due to new rules applied from 19th February by Mumbai Customs, clearance for imports is very flow and volume for Mumbai is temporarily being diverted to alternative ports. As a result, all shipments to Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Chennai, and Western Indian volume in general, will be delayed by one business day. Other Indian import sites are not affected.

Venezuela - Service Issues

Due to the political situation in Venezuela, delays can be expected for pick-ups and deliveries.

In addition, from 7th March, Venezuela experienced power outages in 20 of its 24 states. As such, customs was closed and shipments experienced delays.


Air freight updates

last updated: 18/12/2018


Please note that with immediate effect Virgin Atlantic are placing an embargo on all shipments that have originated from, or transited through:

  • Syria
  • Egypt

The embargo also remains in place for shipments that have originated from, or transited through:

  • Yemen
  • Somalia

Sea freight updates

last updated: 4/1/2016

Please note: We are unable to ship scrap commodities on our FCL services.



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