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Service Updates

Please see information below for latest service updates and disruptions worldwide.

Courier/parcel delivery updates

last updated: 24/05/2017

Islamic Countries - Ramadan Service Issues

The Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan will run from Friday 26th May to Saturday 24th June. During this period, many countries in the Middle East and North Africa will amend their business hours, including government offices and commercial and financial companies.

As such, customers should expect services to be impacted.

Brazil - Customs Issues

There may be some delays due to a strike by the federal authority in charge of customs clearance in Brazil. This will affect all courier companies, and both import and export shipments.

Shipments that qualify for informal clearance may still be processed without a delay.

Germany - Service Issues

Reformation anniversary events will start during the Ascension Day weekend, with over 100,000 participants expected to attend the German Protestant Kirchentag in Berlin from Wednesday 24th May to Sunday 28th May.

Due to this large event, road closures will start on 24th May at 12:00, affecting services until Saturday 27th. There will be no pick-up or delivery services in the postal code areas listed below:



India - Clearance Delays

On 8th May 2017, India Customs implemented the EDI clearance system in Mumbai Express Terminal (EICI).

However, the new Customs application is experiencing a major breakdown, leading to delays in customs clearance. The situation is expected to persist for at least a month until systems stabilise.

Ukraine - Temporary Service Downgrade

Due to runway construction, Kyiv International Airport (IEV) will be closed 14th - 24th May.

UPS will move volume via Gostomel Aiport (GML) which is 35km away from the centre. Pick-up and cut-off times, along with service levels, will be delayed as follows:

  • 1-5 hours' pick-up time and 2-4 hours' cut-off time downgrade for 410 postal codes.
  • 1 day downgrade for 47 postal codes.

Air freight updates

last updated: 23/3/2016


Please note that with immediate effect Virgin Atlantic are placing an embargo on all shipments that have originated from, or transited through:

  • Syria
  • Egypt

The embargo also remains in place for shipments that have originated from, or transited through:

  • Yemen
  • Somalia

Sea freight updates

last updated: 4/1/2016

Please note: We are unable to ship scrap commodities on our FCL services.


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