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Service Updates

Please see information below for latest service updates and disruptions worldwide.

Courier/parcel delivery updates

last updated: 18/1/2017

Indonesia - Temporary and Partial Suspension of service from UPS Customer Centres

Due to prohibited items being shipped to Indonesia through UPS approved retail shipping locations, including UPS Customers Centres, UPS will only accept Indonesia shipments from known and registered UPS account holders, effective immediately.

Packages destined for Indonesia from unknown shippers and shippers without account number will not be accepted in UPS Customer Centres and other Authorized Shipping Outlets.

Only packages that are pre-processed by customers and dropped off using registered UPS account numbers will continue to be accepted.

An end date for this requirement is unknown at this time. Systems are being updated for screening packages that are shipped to Indonesia from a UPS Customer Centre and other Authorized Shipping Outlets. Identified packages from unknown customers will be returned to sender.

Costa Rica - Service Issues

Delays can be expected in Costa Rica due to volcanic activity near San Jose Airport.

Norway - VAT changes

From 1st January 2017, businesses registered for VAT in Norway will report import VAT to the Norwegian Tax Agency and not, as previously, to Norwegian Customs.

For businesses that are registered for VAT, the VAT will no longer be visible on the customs declarations. Companies will get a notification with the declaration showing the calculation of VAT. Customers who do not have a deferment account have to pay an import fee.

Norwegian Customs will still charge the import VAT to customers who are not VAT registered in Norway.

Please see the Norwegian Tax Administration website for more information.

Ecuador - Mobile phones

Ecuador Customs has new regulations that prohibit the importation of mobile phones by courier or express delivery companies. Any shipment containing mobile phones will be seized. The only remedial options will be to return to shipper or abandon.

Air freight updates

last updated: 23/3/2016


Please note that with immediate effect Virgin Atlantic are placing an embargo on all shipments that have originated from, or transited through:

  • Syria
  • Egypt

The embargo also remains in place for shipments that have originated from, or transited through:

  • Yemen
  • Somalia

Sea freight updates

last updated: 4/1/2016

Please note: We are unable to ship scrap commodities on our FCL services.



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