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Transglobal API Integration

Our XML and Javascript-based APIs are ideal for custom-built e-commerce platforms. Get quotes, make bookings and retrieve order information, including shipping labels. You can control how it displays, what services are offered, and what mark-up is applied.

Some work will need to be carried out by your own developers. We can offer advice and limited support.

Please follow our general setup requirements first.

SOAP (XML-based) service

Our Windows SOAP service is designed to be easily integrated into any system that uses XML as a basis. You can plug this in to your PHP site or connect directly through .Net for a simple booking API.

Please download our .zip file, which contains implementation instructions.

JSON (Javascript-based) service

Our JSON API is designed to work with the growing number of Javascript-driven sites, while preserving the functionality of our XML web service.

More info coming soon.

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