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Service Alerts

This page is updated regularly with the latest service alerts from our carriers, relating to the impact of COVID-19 and the Brexit transition.

Road Services to the EU

As of 7th January 2021, we have temporarily suspended our Asendia road service to EU countries. Please see below for more details. DPD and TG Euro Parcel have now resumed.


Undeliverable Items / Returns

Some countries, including the UK, are currently under lockdown and non-essential shops are closed. Before attempting to send to business addresses, please first check that they are open.

Where undeliverable goods are being returned, return surcharges may apply. Please refer to the carrier information below.

Packing List / Customs Invoice

Please note: any international shipments received by the carrier without an accurate customs invoice / packing list may be returned to the shipper at cost. This includes shipments between the UK and EU.

The return from depot fee for TNT shipments is £15. TNT will not hold the shipment while paperwork is corrected.

Air Freight Services

Due to the coronavirus many flights have been cancelled worldwide which has impacted both availability and price. All rates and services are subject to confirmation.



Last updated: Thursday 7th January 2021.

Our Asendia service is temporarily suspended due to technical issues relating to the new customs requirements. There may be delays for orders made since 1st January 2021.

DPD / TG Euro Parcel

Last updated: Monday 18th January 2021.

Our DPD and TG Euro Parcel services to Europe have now resumed.

There may be delays for deliveries to some European countries. Please refer to DPD's latest COVID-19 bulletins. Currently no suspensions are reported.

Heavy snow in Yorkshire, North East England and Scotland may impact delivery operations in the UK.

There are countries where non-essential shops and businesses are closed; therefore, the advice from DPD is to check before shipping that the person/business you are sending to is able to receive parcels, to avoid unnecessary costs. In each country, DPD will attempt delivery where possible and return to you if the driver is unable to gain access.

Please note: where goods are being returned, return surcharges apply.

With immediate effect, DPD will no longer ask customers to sign its handheld units and instead drivers will sign it on their behalf. DPD will record the consignee's name and a 'Delivered on Authority' message in the signature section of the unit.

You can still track and trace your parcels as before.

DHL / TG Express

Last updated: Wednesday 13th January 2021.

There may be some delays depending on the destination country. Please check this page for the latest service adjustments. This page lists both global and regional delays - please check both.

Customers are asked to check potential local delivery disruptions with their recipients before booking their shipment.

FedEx / TNT / TG International

Last updated: Monday 18th January 2021.

Any international shipments received by the carrier without an accurate customs invoice / packing list may be returned to the shipper at cost. This includes shipments between the UK and EU. The return from depot fee for TNT shipments is £15. TNT will not hold the shipment while paperwork is corrected.

TNT/FedEx has suspended service, or reported delays, for a number of destinations - please see the FedEx service alerts page for the full list.

Below are service restrictions for services that are still active:

Destination Service Service restriction / info
Australia, New Zealand FedEx Express/TNT Express Shipments should not exceed combined weight of 100kg per shipper per day (actual or volumetric weight).
China All FedEx/TNT services Services are suspended to and from Cangzhou, Handan, Hengshui, Langfang, Shijiazhuang and Xingtai in Hebei Province only, until further notice.
France All FedEx/TNT services Most shops are reopening, except for restaurants, bars and sports facilities. Deliveries will be done without any contact, but signature upon delivery can be done with the recipient’s own pen or through the courier.
Italy All FedEx/TNT services Due to COVID-19 restrictions, if the recipient’s place of business is closed, the shipment will be returned to the shipper. Please make sure the recipient’s place of business is available for deliveries prior to shipping.

FedEx and TNT Express shipments to Sicily and Sardinia are subject to an additional day in transit.
Laos All FedEx/TNT services Temporary suspension of all liquids and lithium batteries, including those contained in equipment.

For updates for our TG International services from the US, please see FedEx's US service page.

For PPE restrictions, please see below.

Recipients will not be asked to sign for deliveries.

Landmark Global

Last updated: Wednesday 30th December 2020

There is minimal impact on our Landmark Global service for most countries, but there may be some delays due to limited capacity.

There are currently delays of up to 7 working days for shipments to Germany, due to backlog.

Landmark has suspended service to Cyprus and Gibraltar. All mail received for these destinations will be returned.



Last updated: Monday 18th January 2021.

UPS reports impacted service for a number of destinations due to lockdowns and peak season volume. Please see UPS' Service Alerts for the complete list.

Specific regions with suspended service are listed below:

Country Service suspension
China Temporary service suspension in the following postcodes, from 28th December 2020 until further notice:


Shunyi District

101399 - West Dulan Village, Nanfaxin Town;
Zhangxizhuang Village, Gaoliying Town;
Xizhaogezhuang Village, Beishicao Town;
Beishicao Village, Beishicao Town

101318 - Dongmagezhuang Village, Gaoliying Town

101322 - Lianzhuang Village, Zhaoquanying Town


Jinpu District


Shahekou District

116021 - Xinghai Park Community, Xinghaiwan Street

Gaoxin District

116023 - Dayou Tianyuan Community, Lingshui Street


Yuhong District


Huanggu District


Tiexi District

110021 - Shentie Xinggongjiayuan Community, Beier East Road
France From 2nd January until 20th January, a curfew has been implemented from 6pm to 6am in several areas. While UPS operations are exempt from this curfew, it may impact some pickups and deliveries in the following postal codes: 05XXX, 06XXX, 08XXX, 25XXX, 39XXX, 51XXX, 52XXX, 54XXX, 55XXX, 57XXX, 58XXX, 70XXX, 71XXX, 88XXX, 90XXX.
Italy UPS Express deliveries on Saturday have been suspended.
Philippines Pick-up and delivery services in selected areas in Luzon (Aurora, Batanes & Coron) and Mindanao (Basilan, Agusan Del Norte, Cotobato Maguindanao, Marawi, Misamis Occidental, Sulu & Tawi-tawi) are temporarily suspended.

Customers are no longer required to sign for their deliveries. All residential deliveries will be marked as Driver Release.

Some deliveries may not be possible due to the closure of shops and businesses, in which case UPS will return to sender. Please note: where goods are being returned, return surcharges apply.

Undeliverable parcels will carry one of these tracking statuses:

C5 – Emergency


Shipments to UPS Access Points may also be affected as some are not currently available.

Personal Protective Equipment

Please refer to the UK government website for advice about exporting PPE from the UK.

Export authorisation for EU countries is no longer required as of May 26th 2020. However, some member states and third countries are still implementing additional restrictions, including bans or additional restrictions on the export of medicine and medical equipment.

Restrictions may also apply when exporting from countries outside of the EU. Please refer to the official customs information for your destination and origin countries.

China/Hong Kong:

From April 10th, 2020, PPE and selected medical items are subject to inspection by the China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) authority. This is in addition to the requirement for exporters to secure a Medical Device Product Registration Certificate (“NDPRC”) for commodities such as medical masks and protective clothes, infrared thermometers, ventilators. This is issued by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), formerly known as the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA).

PPE shipments with FedEx/TNT from China must be a minimum of 50kg (if commercial - does not apply to personal shipments).

UPS states a limit of 50kg per shipment per customer for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shipments from Eastern and Northern China Mainland, excluding Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Xian and Qingdao.


Please visit for the latest guidance on PPE shipments to India.


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