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TG Express Direct

General Information

With TG Express Direct and TG Economy Direct, parcels are consolidated at our depot and transferred to trusted carriers for international transit. As they are shipped direct from London, this reduces handling and gives the best transit times.

  • Great for documents and parcels.
  • Use our collection service or drop off at one of our depots.
  • Single collection cost (more than one shipment per box) for up to 30kg.

See the table below for an overview:

  Suitable for: Information Transit times
TG Express Direct
  • Documents
  • Parcels
Express parcel service to select destinations worldwide. 1-4 days from depot*
TG Economy Direct
  • Documents
  • Parcels
Economy parcel service to the USA and Canada. 4-5 days from depot*

*Please add one working day to your transit time if opting for a collection service.

How It Works...

With our TG Express Direct service, parcels are shipped from our depot. You have the option of dropping your consignment off at one of our depots, using one of our collection services, or choosing one of hundreds of DPD or UPS drop-off locations nationwide.

Please add 1 working day to your estimated transit time if booking either an optional collection or an alternative drop-off option, to allow for overnight delivery to our depot. For some postcodes in London, the East Midlands and North West England, we are able to collect ourselves and ship from the depot same day.

Once your shipment has been delivered to our depot, we will process it and forward your parcel to its final destination via our carriers.

Please refer to our documentation page for labelling instructions for each collection/drop-off option.

If you are not able to print any of your documents, please get in touch and we will be happy to post hard copies to you.

Free Local Collections

We are able to offer free collections in some areas of London, the East Midlands and North West England, in proximity to our depots.


You can track your parcel by entering your TP- order reference number into our tracking tool.

Size and Weight Restrictions

TG Express Direct

  • Max dimensions: length 100cm
  • Max parcel weight: 30kg
  • Max girth: 274cm

For Guernsey and Jersey only:

  • Max dimensions: length 110cm
  • Max parcel weight: 30kg per piece; 50kg per shipment

For India only:

  • Max dimensions: height 152cm (5ft); width 100cm
  • Max parcel weight: 30kg

For Malta only:

  • Max dimensions: 210cm x 150cm x 150cm
  • Max weight: 1000kg

For South Africa only:

  • Max dimensions: 200 x 95 x 95cm
  • Max parcel weight: 32kg

TG Economy Direct

For Canada and the USA:

  • Max dimensions: length 274cm, height 178cm, girth 329cm
  • Max weight: 65kg per consignment

Volumetric Weight

Your shipment will be charged by either actual weight or volumetric weight – whichever is greater.

Volumetric weight is a value derived from the size rather than the weight of your parcel and may apply if your parcel is particularly large and contains relatively light items.

For this service, we calculate volumetric weight by multiplying the three dimensions of your parcel together and dividing by 5000.

For example:

Actual Weight Dimensions Divisor Volumetric Weight Chargeable Weight
10kg 50 x 30 x 20cm 5000 6kg 10kg
10kg 50 x 60 x 40cm 5000 24kg 24kg


Category Description Fee
NES Fee Applicable for shipments valued £750 or more. For South Africa, £873 or more. £10
Restricted Area Surcharge Hong Kong: Applied for shipments to Discovery Bay and other outlying developments.

Singapore: Applied for shipments to Sentosa and Jurong Islands.
Redelivery Charge Hong Kong: Applied per redelivery attempt for failed deliveries.

Singapore: Applied for deliveries that are redirected to a new address, and per redelivery attempt for deliveries that have failed twice.
Delivered Taxes Paid (Duty Reversal) Admin Fee If customs duties and fees are charged to the account holder rather than the receiver (Delivered Duty Paid). £18 (for services fulfilled by Kangaroo); £25 (for services to South Africa)
Hazardous Materials Guernsey & Jersey: If hazardous materials are found in your consignment. £31.50
Additional Handling USA & Canada (TG Economy Direct): If the longest side is greater than 122cm, or the second longest side is greater than 76cm. £47.80
Oversize USA & Canada (TG Economy Direct): If the length is greater than 243cm, or the girth is greater than 330cm. £58.85

Service Restrictions / Prohibited Items

  • The following items are prohibited on this service: batteries (whether lithium, acid or dry cell—including those within laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, etc), compressed gases, currency, dangerous goods, dry ice, human remains, jewellery, liquid, livestock, narcotics, negotiable securities or bonds, perishables, pornographic material, precious metals, travellers' cheques, weapons or ammunition, and any Customs Controlled items. In addition to the above, glass and gels are prohibited for shipments to Guernsey and Jersey.
  • See customs restrictions for specific destination countries - details specific to this service will be listed for the relevant countries. You can also view our general list of hazardous, prohibited and owner’s risk items.
  • If you’d like advice on whether or not your items are prohibited, please contact our Customer Services team via Live Chat, email [email protected] or call 0345 145 1212 (8:00am-6:30pm Mon-Fri, 9:00am-1:00pm Sat).


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