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TG Express Direct

Service Overview

TG Express Direct Express parcel service to select destinations worldwide.
TG Economy Direct Economy parcel service to select destinations worldwide.


Surcharge Description Fee
NES Fee Applicable for shipments valued £750 or more. For South Africa, £873 or more.
Address Change Australia (Economy Direct) - A fee for making amendments to the delivery address.
Same as of cost outbound shipping
Restricted Area Surcharge Hong Kong (Express Direct): Applied for shipments to Tung Chung, Lantau Island and Discovery Bay.

Singapore (Express Direct): Applied for shipments to Sentosa and Jurong Islands.
£63.50 for Hong Kong; £30 for Singapore
Redelivery Charge Hong Kong (Express Direct): Applied per redelivery attempt for failed deliveries.

Singapore (Express Direct): Applied for deliveries that are redirected to a new address, and per redelivery attempt for deliveries that have failed twice.
Delivered Taxes Paid (Duty Reversal) Admin Fee If customs duties and fees are charged to the account holder rather than the receiver (Delivered Duty Paid).
£18 (for services fulfilled by Kangaroo); £25 (for services to South Africa)
Hazardous Materials Guernsey & Jersey (Express Direct): If hazardous materials are found in your consignment.


  • Fulfilled by a variety of carriers
  • Drop off at our depot or book a collection from your door
  • How it works - more info
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    Carriers collect directly from our depot for this service. This means you have a few different options to choose from when it comes to dropping off your parcel or having it collected from your door.

    Collections from your door

    Collections from your door are arranged by Transglobal Express, with a choice of carriers. In some areas of London, North West England and the East Midlands, we will collect your parcels ourselves - at no extra cost to you.

    If you are booking a non-Transglobal collection, please add 1 working day to the estimated transit time to allow for overnight delivery to our depot.


    You can also drop off at one of our depots (or partner shops - see full list), or choose one of hundreds of DPD drop-off or UPS Access Point™ locations nationwide.


    If booking a collection, unless we are collecting your parcel ourselves, your shipping labels will show our depot as the destination address.

    Once your shipment arrives at our depot, we'll process it, relabel if required and send it on to its final address.

    Please refer to our documentation page for labelling instructions for each collection and drop-off option.


  • Up to £50 free cover included
  • Standard insurance available for up to £2,500
  • Business insurance available for up to £250,000

Size & Weight Restrictions

  • See full list
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    TG Express Direct - Size & Weight Restrictions

    TG Express Direct

    Destination Max. Weight
    (per piece)
    Max. Weight
    (per consignment)
    Max. Dimensions Max. Girth
    Guernsey & Jersey 30kg 50kg L: 110cm -
    India 30kg - W: 100cm
    H: 152cm (5ft)
    Malta - 1,000kg L: 210cm
    W: 150cm
    H: 150cm
    South Africa 32kg - L: 200cm
    W: 95cm
    H: 95cm
    Rest of world 30kg - L: 100cm 274cm

    TG Economy Direct

    Destination Max. Weight
    (per consignment)
    Max. Dimensions Max. Girth
    Australia 22kg L: 105cm 140cm
    Canada 1kg - -
    Israel 30kg 40x50x50cm -
    Saudi Arabia 30kg 100x50x50cm -
    United Arab Emirates 30kg 100x50x50cm -
  • How girth is calculated

Volumetric Weight

Service Restrictions & Prohibited Items

  • List of prohibited items for this service
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    TG Express Direct - Prohibited Items

    The following items are prohibited for TG Express Direct: batteries (whether lithium, acid or dry cell—including those within laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, etc), compressed gases, currency, dangerous goods, dry ice, human remains, jewellery, liquid, livestock, narcotics, negotiable securities or bonds, perishables, pornographic material, precious metals, travellers' cheques, weapons or ammunition, and any Customs Controlled items.

    In addition to the above, glass and gels are prohibited for shipments to Guernsey and Jersey.

    The TG Economy Direct service to Australia cannot be used to send products of plant or animal origin, foodstuffs, wood or chemicals, as these are subject to DAFF biosecurity inspection. Please note that inspection fees can be costly and they will be charged to the account holder if any of these items are sent.

  • Shipments to Australia must not exceed a value of AUS$1,000 (click for live currency conversion to GBP).
  • Refer to our prohibited items page for general restrictions when booking our services
  • Guidance on sending jewellery and watches
  • Additional restrictions may also apply by country - check

Packaging Requirements

Tracking Information

  • Track your shipment by entering your TP- order reference number into our tracking tool


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