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EU fulfilment services

Do you send in bulk to the EU? Have you been hit by customs delays, supply chain disruption or red tape post-Brexit? We can help you get your operation back up to speed.

Bulk send items to our warehouse in Germany and we can distribute your goods to 27 countries across the EU.

How it works

Moving part of your stock to a warehouse in the EU is the simplest solution to the new shipping difficulties faced by UK retailers with an EU customer base.

Customs are already handled before your goods are shipped to customers, allowing for quick fulfilment.

Our warehouse in Frankfurt, Germany, is ready for this purpose.

Using our EU fulfilment service means:

  • Less paperwork. You only have to fill one customs invoice for the whole of your shipment, instead of multiple invoices for individual shipments.
  • It’s faster and cheaper. Your shipment only has to clear customs once, and we can arrange it as a custom shipment with a custom rate.
  • You can claim back VAT by applying for German VAT without a German address.

Shipments would need to be organised by arrangement for this service. To find out more, please contact our team at [email protected], or call 0345 145 1212.

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