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Delivered Taxes Paid

When a shipment is Delivered Taxes Paid (DTP), any customs duties, taxes and fees will be charged to the account holder, rather than to the recipient.

This is available for consignments valued up to £1,000. For anything above that, you will need to ask us first.

If you are not shipping to a country in the EU, or to the USA, or using the Landmark Global (Delivered Taxes Paid) service, you will need to apply to make the DTP option available on your account. It is not available for shipments from Northern Ireland to the EU.

A DTP admin fee will be applied to each order for which DTP is selected, in addition to any customs fees. Please refer to our list of surcharges from each carrier.

How to book a DTP service

For most eligible services, your customs options will appear at the Order Overview stage when booking a shipment:

Customs options, including Deliver Taxes Paid

You will be given a quote for expected charges if this is available:

Deliver Taxes Paid option with quote button

For Landmark Global, DTP is available as a separate service to Australia, Belgium, Canada and Ireland. You will be able to select it at the quote stage:

Landmark Global service options

For shipments to Australia on this service, the consignment value must be under AUS$1,000 (click for live currency conversion to GBP).

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