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Delivered Taxes Paid

When a shipment is Delivered Taxes Paid (DTP), any customs duties, taxes and fees will be charged to the account holder, rather than to the recipient.

This is available for consignments valued up to £1000. For anything above that, you will need to ask us first.

For services with the option to ship DTP, this option will appear at the Order Overview stage when booking a shipment:

Deliver Taxes Paid

The duty reversal surcharge will be applied to each order for which DTP is selected. This is an administrative charge applied by the carrier in addition to any customs fees.

To make this option available for exports to countries outside of the EU, you will need to make an application first. We will send you the necessary documents for a credit account application, as well as an agreement for you to sign in which you confirm payment of all destination charges including, but not limited to, duties, tax and storage, when DTP is enabled.

Your company must be registered in the UK.

Your credit application may take anywhere between 1 hour and 2-4 weeks, depending on the credit reporting agency used. If you are on Equifax, we will be able to complete the credit application more quickly.



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