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How to use saved customs invoices

You can save customs invoices (packing lists) for use in future bookings, to help speed up the booking process.

To access the creation tool, or to view your saved invoices, go to Tools -> Create a Customs Invoice in the menu, or Saved Customs Invoices under Personal Settings in your account area.

Menu - create a customs invoice

Account area – saved customs invoices

Please note: If you use your own customs invoice (rather than one generated by our system), you will need to upload this document separately during booking. Manual uploads cannot be saved using this tool.

Create a new customs invoice

To create a new customs invoice, click Create New.

Create a new customs invoice

You can then fill out each field as you normally would during a booking. There are two sections to fill out: Consignment Summary and Contents, the latter of which is an itemised list of all the contents of your consignment.

Customs invoice form

For Name, put something for your own reference so you can identify it later on.

For each item in your consignment, provide the Commodity Code, Description and Country of Origin. Then specify the Number of Units for this item, and the weight and value per unit. Not all carriers ask for this information per unit but we will convert the data accordingly.

TIP! You’ll be able to tweak the details later for specific orders, so feel free to stick with example items when saving one for use as a template.

Adding an item to your custom invoices

When you’re done, click Add Item. You’ll need to do this for every item in your consignment.

Items in saved customs invoice

Click Edit if you need to modify any of the details for a particular item, then Update.

Edit and update items in customs invoice

Click Add a new box if you are shipping more than one parcel or pallet.

Button for adding a new box

Click Remove (on an item) or Remove Box (top right) to delete anything you don’t need.

Button for removing boxes

Once you’ve entered all the details, click Save Changes and then Back to return to your full list of saved invoices.

Buttons for saving changes and returning to list of invoices

You can return to this tool at any time to edit an existing invoice, delete one or add a new one.

Your list of saved customs invoices

Adding a saved customs invoice to your order

On the Customs Declaration page, in the Consignment Summary section, click Use a saved Customs Invoice.

Use a saved customs invoice

Your list of saved invoices will then pop up, with all the same choices as before. Edit has been replaced with Select, but if you click on this button, it will give you the chance to review and amend your saved invoice before selecting it.

Saved customs invoice pop-up with select button

Review your saved details

To update your saved invoice with any changes, make sure you click the Save Changes button. If you’re good to go, click Use this Customs Invoice at the bottom. This will then auto-fill the fields on the page. If it’s not the right invoice, click Choose a different Customs Invoice.

Save, use and choose a different invoice buttons

If you want to tweak some details for this specific order but don’t want to update the saved template itself, you can make edits and proceed without clicking Save Changes, or you can amend the auto-filled text after selecting Use this Customs Invoice.

In any case, you will be able to check all fields before proceeding to the next stage of your booking.

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