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Installing our Magento plugin

Our plugin for Magento 2 is one of several API integration options we offer. Please see our general setup guide for your API key and plugin files.

Extract it to your chosen location on your server.

Install it to your Magento folder under [app > code] so that the file path reads [app > code > Transglobal > IntegrationModule].


Run the Magento command to check the plugin is detected: php bin/magento module:status

Run the Magento command to enable the plugin: php bin/magento module:enable Transglobal_IntegrationModule

This disable command can be run at any time to stop the plugin: php bin/magento module:disable Transglobal_IntegrationModule


Once installed, you will find our settings under: Stores > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods.

Settings Breakdown

Transglobal Express Magento 2 API

  • Enabled – If Yes, activates the Transglobal Express plugin and rates.
  • Service Url – Choose Testing or Live.
  • Handling Fee - Adds a mark-up to our rates that will be relayed to your customers at the quote stage.
  • Allowed Methods - Sets which of our courier services you would like to make available to your customers.
  • Sort Order - Set the order in which our rates are displayed in relation to other rates/plugins you are using. For example, if using a Sort Order of 1 for our plugin and a Sort Order of 2 for another, our rates will appear first in your list of service options. If both are set to the same priority, or if a Sort Order is not specified, your store will display the service options in order of cheapest to most expensive.

Front End

The shipping methods you choose to make available will appear to your customers like this:

Transglobal Express Magento 2 API

The shipping price will then be added to their order total:

Transglobal Express Magento 2 API

Viewing Orders

You can then view the order under Sales > Orders, selecting Actions from the dropdown menu...

Transglobal Express Magento 2 API

...and click Create New Order to create a new shipment:

Transglobal Express Magento 2 API

Remember to check Create Shipping Label at the bottom:

Transglobal Express Magento 2 API

In the pop-up window, enter the weight and dimensions of your parcel:

Transglobal Express Magento 2 API

Then assign your chosen products to the parcel, before saving:

Transglobal Express Magento 2 API

Tracking shipments

You can track your shipments under Sales > Shipments:

Transglobal Express Magento 2 API

Select the order by its number to view the tracking information. You can also print your shipping label here.

Transglobal Express Magento 2 API



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