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Send Dangerous & Hazardous Goods with DG Parcel

Sending dangerous goods? Unable to use a standard courier? Ship your hazardous goods worldwide with DG Parcel.

Customers who wish to send hazardous goods by courier are faced with a slew of restrictions when using standard courier services. For safety reasons, common items like perfumes, aerosols and paints are prohibited, while the transportation of lithium ion batteries is heavily regulated.

To send these goods by courier, you’ll need to use a specialist service. Whether you’re looking to send hazardous goods as a private individual or as a business, DG Parcel can provide international shipping solutions for you.

Why choose DG Parcel?

  • Strategically placed
  • Easy to arrange
  • Expert advice

Strategically placed

DG Parcel is ideally placed for UK based customers who need fast deliveries. Located in South West London, DG Parcel is very close to major airport hubs such as Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted.

This means that transit times are greatly reduced between their warehouse and your chosen destination.

Easy to arrange

To find out if DG Parcel can help you, just send your consignment details to [email protected]. They will need the weight and dimensions of your parcel, destination address, and item descriptions.

If you are sending liquids, you will need to provide details of volume. For batteries, DG Parcel will need to know Watt-hours (Wh) or Voltage (V) and milliamp-hours (mAh).

Additional information such as product name and photos of any hazard symbols are also helpful, and a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from the product seller may be required.

DG Parcel will then give you an estimated price and send a Consignment Note form for you to fill. You’ll need to send your parcel with a copy of the Consignment Note to the DG Parcel warehouse for verification, invoicing and shipping.

For more details, including possibilities for domestic delivery to their warehouse, see DG Parcel’s guide.

Your specialist solution

DG Parcel is a trusted partner of Transglobal Express. Its service is suitable for sending a range of dangerous and hazardous goods that can’t be sent by standard courier service.

For more information, please visit

Items containing the following symbols will need to be shipped via DG Parcel...

  • Explosive hazard (symbol: exploding bomb)
  • Flammable hazard (symbol: flame)
  • Oxidising hazard (symbol: flame over circle)
  • Compressed Gas (symbol: Gas cylinder)
  • Corrosive hazard (symbol: Corrosion)
  • Toxic/Acute toxicity (symbol: Skull and crossbones)
  • Health hazard/hazardous to the ozone layer (symbol: Exclamation mark)
  • Serious health hazard (symbol: health hazard)
  • Hazardous to the environment (symbol: Dead tree and fish)
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