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Send a Cheap Parcel to the USA

Country Price
1 kg Parcel to USA from £8.25
5 kg Parcel to USA from £25.56
15 kg Parcel to USA from £52.43
20 kg Parcel to USA from £68.28
*Surcharges may apply.
Country Price
10g Parcel to USA from £3.80 Quote & Book
100g Parcel to USA from £4.17 Quote & Book
450g Parcel to USA from £4.49 Quote & Book
1kg Parcel to USA from £8.25 Quote & Book

Searching for a fast and reliable courier service to the US? Send to New York, Los Angeles, Austin and more.

The USA is one of our most popular destinations for international parcel delivery, for private and commercial shippers alike. It’s also home to some of the world’s biggest courier companies, boasting the most sophisticated parcel delivery networks.

Parcel delivery to the USA from the UK

We're able to negotiate significantly reduced rates with top carriers operating in the US, including America's own carriers, FedEx, UPS and USPS, as well as DHL.

We also offer even cheaper rates exclusive to New York and New Jersey.

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Exporting to the USA

For private shippers or businesses of any size, international shipping need not be an obstacle with our highly affordable rates. We've got a huge range of services including tracked mail, economy and express, and freight.

We also offer air freight services to New York (JFK), Los Angeles (LAX) and more.

Sending mail to the USA

Our USPS mail service is extremely cost-effective for documents and lighter parcels weighing up to 5kg. It's a cheap and reliable alternative to Royal Mail.

Export to the USA from the UK


Customs information for the USA

While US Customs and import laws are known for being quite tough, the majority of commercial and personal parcels reach their destination without a hitch.

To ensure that your items won’t be stopped by US Customs, first check our general list of prohibited and restricted items. Each country imposes its own additional restrictions, so you will need to consult the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website.

Certain items may be subject to customs duties and taxes, which are not included in your quote. For the most part, the carrier will liaise with you directly in the event that any customs fees need to be paid.

Up to $800 worth of merchandise can be imported free of customs taxes and duties, and without the need of a customs declaration.

If you're shipping unaccompanied personal effects, such as clothing, please use this declaration:

Transit times to the USA

Transit times can be as little as a day between major gateway cities such as London to Los Angeles or New York—next-day delivery is available with our range of express services. These short transit times are possible because the US is so well-served by carriers.

For our cheaper economy services, transit times can stretch to approximately 4 days. Deliveries to remote areas will add further time to transit—please use our transit time calculators, and input your postcodes, for a more accurate estimate.

Sending from the USA?

Need to import from the USA to the UK? No problem. You can use our UPS and TG Express import services.

You can also book a shipment from the USA to over 200 destinations worldwide with our TG International service.

Import from the USA to the UK

All you need to do is pick United States as your "Sending from" address and book as normal. If you're based in the UK, you'll need to forward your documentation to the chosen collection point in the USA.

Other than that, you're sorted! Whether sending to or from the USA, click now for a quote or contact our Customer Services team.

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