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Send your bike by international courier

International bike shipping is an easy ride, not an uphill struggle, with Transglobal Express. Send your bike across the country or around the world and choose from a range of parcel delivery companies.

Follow our quick packing tips and you’ll be all set to go.

Use a bicycle box

A bicycle box is a heavy-duty, double-walled cardboard box with carry handles. It’s long and narrow to ensure a secure, cosy fit for your bike and can be purchased from most box companies.

Use a bike box

We strongly recommend using a bicycle box for your bike, but in any case the box you use should be the right fit for the contents of your shipment—not full to bursting or leaving too much space.

Remember to pad the inside of the box with bubblewrap, kraft paper or loose-fill polystyrene, around and between every individual item. This will protect them during transit and prevent scratches.

Disassemble your bike

Your bike will need to be partially dismantled to fit inside a bicycle box.

First, remove the front wheel from the fork, then the saddle and seatpost. Finally, remove the handlebars and the pedals. If your bike has a basket or luggage carrier, remove that too.

Lay all parts next to each other and wrap them individually in bubble wrap or the padding of your choice. Put the bike, front wheel and handlebars in the box. Then place the smaller components on top.

Send your bike around the world

If you have any loose screws or other very small parts, we recommend attaching them to the bike frame with adhesive tape because it’s very easy to lose track of them.

Fill any remaining space with padding material to ensure nothing moves around. Then seal the box with adhesive tape and add your shipping labels.

See our packaging guidance for general packing and sealing advice.

Choose your courier

You can send your bike and bike parts by any courier. All you need to do is enter the weight and dimensions of your bike box after you have packed and sealed it. We’ll generate a list of suitable services from carriers, allowing you to compare prices and transit times.

We also offer several insurance options, with free cover for items up to £50 in value. We offer additional insurance for shipments up to £2,500 in value, and third-party insurance for any items valued higher than that

Send a bike by international courier

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