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DHL has identified 28 key business, social and technology trends in its Logistics Trend Radar 2018/9 report, based on input from over 10,000 industry professionals.

As illustrated in the radar infographic below, the report positions these trends according to their likely level of impact and how soon they will become relevant, either within the next five years or beyond.

For example, technological trends set to become highly relevant in the very near future include big data analytics, the internet of things (networked physical devices), and robotics and automation. Further afield are big changes relating to AI and self-driving vehicles.

On the social and business side, omni-channel logistics (the integration of physical and online shopping, including the use of mobile devices and social media), green energy, logistics marketplaces (including services like ours, which compare different logistics providers) and digital work (the automation of repetitive tasks and technological training for employees) will be the most relevant within the next five years, according to the report.

DHL trend radar 2018
Credit: Deutsche Post DHL Group

More broadly, DHL identifies customer centricity and sustainability as two of the most important areas for innovation, as well as the need to balance rapidly developing technologies with the job satisfaction of its employees.

“As much as we aim for an accurate prediction, we know from experience that the impact of some trends will not materialize,” said Markus Kückelhaus, Vice President for Innovation & Trend Research at DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

“Innovation does not follow a linear path – the success of some trends will rely on culture and capabilities as much as it does on breakthrough technologies and business acumen. That’s why we need to actively engage first-hand on driving the development of these trends.”

(Source: Deutsche Post DHL Group)

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