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DPD Germany is testing an “intelligent mailbox” function with email service providers WEB.DE and GMX, which helps shoppers to organise their parcel tracking emails.

The system automatically identifies certain emails and groups them into a special “My orders” folder, where they are organised by individual order and displayed with tracking information.

“For many users their own email account functions like a kind of electronic memory,” said Jan Oetjen, CEO of GMX and WEB.DE. “It collects lots of information which is useful for their daily lives, but this information needs to be organised. With our new services we aim to provide users with a better overview and faster access to relevant information. As part of a beta test we will also apply the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence.”

DPD launches intelligent mailbox trial with GMX and WEB.DE
Credit: DPD

“As the digital innovation leaders on the parcel market, we make sure that taking delivery of goods is just as uncomplicated as ordering them on the Internet,” said Michael Knaupe, Director of Customer Experience & Communications at DPD Germany.

“This includes making sure that online shoppers always have rapid access to the status of their shipment. In the process we focus on the user habits of consignees, and make sure that they can access the relevant information wherever they are.

“We’re therefore delighted that we can now offer our consignees an additional channel, with parcel tracking in the intelligent mailbox provided by GMX and WEB.DE. From there users also have fast access to our flexible delivery options, which today already make the everyday lives of countless online shoppers more convenient.”

One million GMX and WEB.DE users will receive an invitation to test the new function.

(Source: DPD [dead link -])

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