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Last week we asked our customers to review our website and service, in our first quarterly survey of 2019. Those who had placed orders with us in January, February and March let us know what they think.

How you rated our customer service

162 customers rated their experience with customer service. Removing those who answered “non-applicable”, 87% of respondents rated our professionalism as Good or Excellent, 85% our level of knowledge, and 84.5% our quality of advice.

90.1% of survey respondents rated our speed of answering the phone as Good or Excellent; 85.2% our speed of answering emails; and 82% the speed with which their query was resolved.

"My first use of an international delivery service and fully understood the advice given"

"I used as an individual, but since I also have a new online business, I have decided to work with TransGlobal after the very positive experience I had."

"Excellent, you will be my go to international shipping option."

How you rated our website

387 customers rated our website.

Excluding those who responded "non-applicable", 93.2% rated it as Good or Excellent for ease of finding information; 90.4% for clarity of information; and 92.3% for ease of booking.

92.2% of respondents rated us Good or Excellent for the overall experience of using our website.

"Absolutely fantastic. I expected it to be quite difficult but the website lays everything out for you every step of the way"

"It was my first time posting abroad but all the information was easily accessible on the website"

"Easy to use website, but what stood out for me was the follow up call. Lovely to experience in this day and age."

How you rated us overall

Of 381 respondents, 89.5% felt that we listened to and valued their opinion, and 92.1% said they would probably or definitely recommend us to a friend.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey. We will be reviewing all of your feedback in due course.

Please reach out to our customer service team if you would like to know more about any of our services. Our advisors are able to help by phone, email or live chat.

How valued our customers feel

Would our customers recommend us?

About Transglobal Express

Transglobal Express is one of the UK’s leading international courier and freight forwarding providers. Since its incorporation in 1993, the company has earned a reputation for high quality air freight, sea freight and worldwide courier services.

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