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Swiss Post has suspended its drone medical deliveries programme after a drone crashed in Zurich last week. This is the second time the postal service has suspended the scheme.

The device in question crashed in a forest on its way from the University of Zurich to the University Hospital. It wasn’t carrying cargo at the time but was severely damaged and was recovered from the site with the aid of police.

This followed an incident on January 25th when a drone carrying laboratory samples made an emergency landing on Lake Zurich. The test scheme was paused before resuming on April 15th.

The Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board (STSB) determined that a short circuit had interrupted the power supply to the GPS.

“The drone’s safety mechanisms worked flawlessly: as intended in such cases, the drone initiated the emergency landing itself,” the report said.

“To do so, the drone stops its rotors and opens its parachute. The drone glides downwards, emitting a high-pitched whistling sound and using bright blinking lights to attract attention.”

The suspension only applies to the medical deliveries programme. Thousands of postal drone flights have already been made without incident.

Swiss Post's collaborator Matternet is also working with UPS on a similar medical deliveries scheme.

Source: Post & Parcel

Header image: Atmo Photo

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