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Two suspected drug traffickers had to call police after they got trapped in a shipping container during a record-breaking heatwave in Antwerp, Belgium.

Temperatures exceeded 40 degrees Celsius in the country on Wednesday 24th July. After a two-hour search to locate the right container, armed police opened it to find the suspects, both in their mid-20s, dehydrated and stripped to the waist.

The two men, from Antwerp and Schoten, told police that they had become trapped while trying to take possession of the goods inside—in this case, hundreds of kilograms of cocaine.

The men were doused in cold water to bring their temperatures down and were found not fit for interrogation at first. They were later brought before an investigating judge and imprisoned.

This is not the first time cocaine shipments have been found at the port of Antwerp. As recently as June, two men were arrested in the same location after being trapped in a container by dock workers.

Now that’s what they call… maximum containment.

Source: The Guardian

Header image: Jan Paulussen

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