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Amazon has filed patents for delivery robots that could wait for customers to try on clothes and shoes.

The customer would open what is essentially an Amazon Locker on caterpillar tracks, using facial recognition or a smartphone code, and would then be able to place any unwanted purchases back in the locker—making it ideal for trying on different clothes sizes, for example.

The waiting bot is intended to cut down on the need for separate return deliveries. Amazon proposes that the customer would be able to scan for a refund, a process that would be overseen remotely by a human employee.

The “storage compartment vehicles” would be guided from the depot to the delivery location by GPS would be able to cross all kinds of terrain by road, air or water, using tracks, helicopter rotors, submarine propellers, and more.

Amazon stressed that the patent filings “do not necessarily reflect current developments to products and services”.

Source: Evening Standard

Header image: Lauren Fleischmann

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