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So how did we do in 2023? Our final customer survey results for last year are in - and you can see how our customers rated us for customer service, website usability and more.

We're pleased to find that our standards of service have remained consistently high for yet another year, with the vast majority of customers rating us as good or excellent in all categories.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond to our latest quarterly survey, which we sent out to those who made orders with us in October, November and December.

How you rated our customer service

590 customers rated our customer service. Excluding responses of N/A:

Criteria % Rated “Good” or “Excellent”*

(Good: 20% / Excellent: 70%)
Level of knowledge

(Good: 22.7% / Excellent: 64.6%)
Quality of advice

(Good: 21% / Excellent: 65.2%)
Speed of answering phone calls

(Good: 25.1% / Excellent: 68.4%)
Speed of response to emails

(Good: 31% / Excellent: 54.5%)
Speed of response on live chat

(Good: 24.1% / Excellent: 61.9%)
Speed with which your query was resolved

(Good: 22.2% / Excellent: 61.2%)

*Customers could choose Poor, Satisfactory, Good or Excellent.

“Sadly, it’s rare to be able to speak to a real person these days without jumping through numerous hoops online. The customer service provided is just how it should be, quick, efficient, friendly, based in the UK and successful! Please keep up the good work!”

“Always picks up the phone straight away and lovely helpful polite staff.”

“lady that I dealt with was marvellous at sorting the issue in a positive and helpful manner, even though the error was mine”

“Transglobal have one of the best customer service staffs that I've dealt with. I use them once a year to send package out, and I always have questions and their helpfulness and expertise is without fault.”

“All staff we have spoken to have all the knowledge and also a great manner in passing that knowledge on.”

“Every time I've dealt with a member of the customer service staff they have been knowledgeable, patient and extremely helpful, and it is one of the reasons I continue to use Transglobal”

“I’ve been using Transglobal Express for the past 15 years and wouldn’t use any other”


Level of Knowledge

Quality of Advice

How you rated our website

920 customers rated our website. Excluding responses of N/A:

Criteria % Rated “Good” or “Excellent”*
Ease of finding information

(Good: 42% / Excellent: 45.4%)
Clarity of information

(Good: 40.6% / Excellent: 45.2%)
Ease of booking

(Good: 33.4% / Excellent: 56.2%)
Overall experience of using our website

(Good: 37.3% / Excellent: 51.3%)

*Customers could choose Poor, Satisfactory, Good or Excellent.

How you rated us overall

Of 900 respondents, 89.3% felt that we listened to and valued their opinion, and 90.8% said they would probably or definitely recommend us to a friend.

Customers who feel we value their opinion

Customers who would recommend us to a friend

“I've used your service for a few years now and find it reliable and good value for money”

“Great updates for every step of a parcel's journey which is particularly helpful when sending abroad.”

“The site has been in a state of constant state of change as export requirements change. But Transglobal staff have resolved any issues for me as a shipper”

“Most straightforward shipping questions are easy to find answers for.”

“Never had a issue, found this company years ago, soooo simple to do and get prices. god send.”

“Really clear process - just follow the steps!”

About Transglobal Express

Transglobal Express is one of the UK’s leading international courier and freight forwarding providers. Since our incorporation in 1993, for over 30 years we have provided high quality air freight, sea freight and worldwide courier services, building our reputation for great prices, easy booking and excellent customer service.

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