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Looking for the ultimate solution to ship your second-hand clothes affordably? Well, look no further! With Transglobal Express, you can send everything from used clothing to shoes at unbeatable prices.

Selling used clothing online

Selling your pre-loved clothes or shoes online not only helps you make some extra cash but also supports sustainable fashion by giving items a second life. Plus, with Transglobal Express, you can save money when selling on your favourite platforms or even when sending clothing gifts through the post.

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If you’re a frequent shipper or business owner, we recommend checking out our shop integrations. We offer various API options designed to streamline the shipping process for your shop orders. With our importers, you can easily quote for, book, and track shipments from multiple e-commerce platforms such as eBay , Etsy , Shopify, and more — all conveniently managed through your Transglobal account.

What platforms?

Platforms like eBay, Depop, Vinted, and Etsy offer worldwide selling opportunities, allowing you to reach customers around the globe. By utilising a third-party shipping service like us, you can access a variety of top courier options such as Evri , DPD , DHL, and more. 

Here's how you can benefit from using Transglobal Express on these platforms:


On Depop, sellers have the option to take charge of their own shipping with a third-party service. Why not choose Transglobal and get the best rates for a range of top couriers? Whether you're an individual looking to save on shipping costs for a single parcel, or a seller shipping multiple parcels on the daily, we'll have the right parcel service for you.


Need to ship large, 'unshippable' items on Vinted? No problem! Vinted allows custom delivery arrangements for shipments that are too big for their in-house delivery options. So you may find us useful if you're sending item bundles that exceed the usual size restrictions.


eBay sellers also have the flexibility to choose customs shipping options outside of the eBay programme, allowing them to arrange their own shipping with a third-party carrier.

eBay warn that with third-party shipping options, recipients of international parcel shipments may be liable to pay any customs duties and taxes. No problem - sellers can choose from a range of customs arrangements to suit their needs. Find out more below!

Shipping clothes internationally

It's easy to ship clothes internationally. However, your goods must all be declared to customs, with description and commodity code, and each destination country will have its own customs rules, including potential restrictions and import taxes.

In standard shipping arrangements, the recipient is typically responsible for paying any import duties and taxes, so you'll need to make your customer aware of this is the case.

However, many of our services have the option for duty reversal, which switches the responsibility of paying any import duties and taxes to the shipper, if you would prefer. Or you can choose an IOSS option for shipments to the EU, allowing your business to charge VAT at the point of sale instead.

How to ship your clothes

For a smooth selling and shipping experience, it's essential to choose suitable packaging . For example, padded envelopes work well for items like t-shirts and jeans, while boxes are more suitable for larger items such as jackets, or anything with fragile accessories. Take a look at our packaging shop if you're in need of something sturdy!

If you're shipping second-hand goods, it is of course highly advisable to clean the items first, to ensure they are in the best possible condition for your buyer. No nasty surprises out of the box!

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One area of concern when selling goods online is making sure that your goods are covered against loss or damage in transit, whichever service you ship with.

When booking a delivery service through Transglobal Express, worry not, as your shipments will be covered free of charge against loss or damage up to around £50 per consignment (this may vary by service). And there are options to take out additional cover if you need it.


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