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DPD Germany has recently announced its mobile parcel label in collaboration with PayPal, the online payment functionality, is now available via the company’s newly re-designed ‘DPD Web Parcel’ online platform.

DPD explained in a statement released last week that “all German small scale business shippers and private consignors who pay for their parcels on the ‘DPD Web Parcel’ platform now receive a mobile 2D code.” They further explained that the code is “the full equivalent of the kind of physical parcel label with previously had to be printed out by the shipper.”

Director of Products and Services National for DPD, Michael Knaupe, has said that the new system reflects the ever changing needs of the parcel delivery company’s customers and stated that “in Germany 93% of households have a smartphone, but only 75% have a printer.”

While conventional shipping involving a physical parcel label will still be available for customers, DPD also added that the mobile parcel label feature will “be available for return shipments, making the return process significantly easier for both retailers and consumers.”

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