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Truck operators are finding it hard to recruit young talent amidst negative perceptions of the industry, even as increasingly sophisticated truck engines demand new skillsets.

John Goralski, manager of fleet maintenance education at FedEx, says that the company is not finding it easy to fill open positions for technicians, despite recruitment drives at colleges. Many young people aren’t aware of the complex technology and broad skills required by the newest trucks.

Goralski gives the example of the Class 8 tractors currently in use, which have at least eight computer systems and a radar system to rival military aircrafts. Companies such as FedEx are also pursuing research in robotics and automation.

The logistics and transport industries look for candidates with a range of skills: commercial vehicle technicians need a minimum two-year associate degree in diesel technology, while it’s also advantageous to have studied engineering or computer technology.

With the upcoming retirement of baby boomers, the industry is facing a shortage of technicians and specialists, so the challenge is to convey the interesting and lucrative opportunities available.

(Source: Wall Street Journal)

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